about the CFC

The Cook Forest Conservancy is dedicated to protecting and improving the lands, waters, and wildlife of the Cook Forest State Park ecosystem, now and for future generations.

The CFC has received IRS recognition as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charitable organization.   

The mission of the Cook Forest Conservancy is preservation – but, in this era of invasives, climate change, and increasing visitor pressure, we have to be more proactive than when we could let the wilds take care of themselves.  We’re presently focusing on: 

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Mission Statement

The Cook Forest Conservancy is a nonprofit organization formed:

To promote the environmental integrity of Cook Forest State Park and its environs (hereinafter the “greater Cook Forest ecosystem”), and work to protect and preserve the unique woodlands, waterways, and wildlife of the same for the ecological, aesthetic, recreational, and economic benefit of the present and future citizens of the area;

To foster stewardship by educating the general public about the social history of Cook Forest State Park, its natural history, and the challenges to conservation of the greater Cook Forest ecosystem, including its wildlife;

To further the protection, preservation, and improvement of the greater Cook Forest ecosystem by supporting reasonable policies and programs for the management thereof, and by opposing exploitation or development contrary to such preservation;

To acquire land, or interests in land, for such purposes as set forth herein; and

To consult and coordinate efforts with like-minded persons, government departments, and private agencies to accomplish the above purposes.

the Board of Directors

The current Board members are Kelly C. Culbertson, Nicole E. Cellone, Lance C. Logue, and Christina R. McNamara.

Donor Privacy Policy

The CFC will never share or sell a donor’s personal information – please see our full Privacy Policy.

the IRS Exemption Letter

Click here to view a PDF of the IRS Exemption Letter confirming the tax-exempt status of the Cook Forest Conservancy – donations, bequests, and transfers to the CFC are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Contact the CFC

Questions, ideas, or observations for the Cook Forest Conservancy?   

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    What is the difference between Cook Forest Conservancy (CFC) and Friends of Cook Forest (FCF)?

    The Cook Forest Conservancy and Friends of Cook Forest are both 501(c)(3) nonprofits working to improve generally Cook Forest State Park. Both organizations help fund critical park programs, and we often work together.  The primary differences are (1)  scope of territory, (2) fundraising, and (3) programs offered.  

    FCF primarily raises money through memberships, special event fundraisers, and general donations, and these funds are managed by their parent organization, the PPFF (Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation) for improvements to the state park itself, focused toward visitor experience.  FCF projects are limited to state-owned property.

    The Cook Forest Conservancy raises funds from individuals, corporations, and other organizations, and uses these for projects on both public and on private land, including landowner outreach and assistance programs.  CFC is less restricted operationally, and cooperates on projects throughout the watershed.  

    Shagbark Jones, semi-intrepid adventurer

    The much-beloved mascot of the CFC sends his regards to all our supporters, to chipmunks, and to all the trees but especially to the eastern hemlocks. If you happen upon him along a trail, say hello! Shag loves hikers!

    He’s an English Shepherd mix, a puppy picked up from the good folks at National English Shepherd Rescue [www.nesr.info] — picked up in Hickory, North Carolina… his bark is a little ragged, really, and he’s very fond of Dr. Indiana Jones – hence his name 🙂

    Follow his adventures via Instagram – #shagbarkjones