Cook Forest's Trail Bridges

Cook Forest Bridges are closing – trails will be closing

Six of the trail bridges crossing Tom’s Run in Cook Forest State Park are aging out of service, and must be replaced.  The first casualty was the busy bridge linking CCC pavilion #1 picnic area to the Forest Cathedral network of trails, which was shuttered during the Summer of 2019.  While this closure can be circumvented, many cannot, and beautiful Liggett Trail, which the multi-state North Country Trail follows, will be unpassable as closures continue.   Click here for a map of the Cook Forest bridges slated for closure.

These bridges are essential, and their closure is unacceptable. 

The park wants to replace these bridges, but doesn’t have the funds available, and may not during the foreseeable future.  Until Pennsylvania properly funds its state park system – which brings $1.15 billion to the PA economy, yet currently has a maintenance backlog exceeding $500 million due to continual funding cuts – they’re leaving it up to us. 

Cook Forest Bridges - puppies need CFSPbridges too

Many people and puppies use and enjoy the trails and bridges of Cook Forest State Park – and are participating in our campaign to save them by uploading images with a #CFSPbridges hashtag — please join us!  See the gallery here: 

If you’d like to see each of the six the bridges and the rust shutting them , and the cold-water high-quality trout stream they span, visit our gallery here: 

Cook Forest’s trails need your support – help replace bridges in the Forest Cathedral and along the North Country Trail; help preserve access to these beautiful paths

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