Loads of Cook Forest State Park maps – trail, travel, paddle, project, and historic:

Trail & Camping Maps

Cook Forest State Park – and Clear Creek State Park – will be the focus of a new outdoor adventure & travel map by Purple Lizard Maps!  Cartography is in progress now, and the Cook Forest map will join the excellent lineup of Pennsylvania Purple Lizard maps soon.

This wonderful Centre County business helps outdoor adventurers make the most of their time in the backcountry.  Their series of high-quality, personally-researched topographic maps highlight hidden treasures, and direct travelers to lesser-known trails and overlooks.

The more community support and input we have, the better the map will be – if you’re interested in contributing special local sites, selling the maps, or advertising your outdoor business, please contact us!

Click this link to download the current Cook Forest State Park map from the DCNR website, which shows all the Park trails as well as portions of the North Country Trail and Baker Trail passing through the Park, and includes boat launches, state campgrounds, and other park features. This link is a PDF map of the Ridge Campground:

The Rail 66 Country Trail is a converted railroad line for hiking, biking, skiing along the historic Knox-Kane railroad bed. The 20-mile corridor starts at Clarion Junction (Rt 322) in Paint Township and stretches north along Rt 66 through Vowinckel to Marienville, ultimately extending through Forest, Elk and McKean Counties. [NOTE: the Rail 66 trail map at right is out of date, and trail extends to the east further.]

The trail directly connects to the North Country National Scenic Trail, the Baker Trail and BicyclePA Route V.   It’s located just a few miles from Cook Forest State Park, the Allegheny National Forest, and the Clarion Highlands Trail.

The trail is valuable for Cook Forest visitors who bring bicycles, as bikes aren’t permitted on our hiking trails (many are too steep and root-laced – Hefren Run Trail, which links Forest Drive and Tom’s Run Road, does permit bikes), and River Road and Forest Road are both narrow and under heavy vehicle traffic.

Rail 66 rail trail bike & ski map 2020
Rail 66 - now from Clarion to Marienville

Clarion Water Trail Guide — Middle Section

Irwin Run to Mill Creek – updated – file hosted by the Visit PA Great Outdoors website.  The Clarion is a nationally designated Wild & Scenic River along Cook Forest, and won the 2019 River of the Year popular vote in PA.  It’s fairly low-volume and tame in summer, silty and swift in spring and autumn. 

Cook Forest State Park Map - road & towns

Lost?  We’re about 15 miles north of Clarion &/or Brookville off I-80, and south of Marienville on the southern edge of the Allegheny National Forest.  Here’s a google map:

Here’s another google map of the Cook Forest and Allegheny National Forest areas – annotated! This shows a couple of features either not on the default map, or misplaced – and it shows restaurants and grocery markets for visitor convenience.  Click this link to open it into a new tab, so you can toggle layers on and off.

Cook Forest Conservancy Program Maps

Cook Forest State Park Map of Clarion River Invasive Plants

Clarion River Invasives Map – Japanese knotweed is a target species for the CFC in 2020, before it becomes substantially established and reduces biodiversity and habitat along our wild & scenic Clarion River. Cooperating on this multi-year project are the DCNR Cook Forest, the PA Bureau of Forestry, Penn State Extension, ArborChem, Clarion University, both McKean and Clarion County Conservation Districts, and local landowners.  

High Allegheny Hemlock Conservation Partnership priority areas map including Cook Forest State Park HAHCP

The High Allegheny Hemlock Conservation Partnership (HAHCP), a project of the Allegheny Forest Health Collaborative, under which the CFC and others are helping to train citizen scientists to track Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA) infestations. This map shows the areas of high priority for monitoring and treatment – Cook Forest State Park is at the lower left.

Historic Cook Forest Maps

Miscellaneous maps found and scanned or saved for genealogical or curiosity purposes:

Parcel Map 1900s Cooksburg Barnett Twp Forest County - Cook Forest State Park Maps Historic
1900s Parcel Map of Cooksburg, Barnett Twp, Forest County, PA
1878 Barnett Township, Jefferson County, PA