Apheloria virginiensis milipede

orange & black milipede

This fellow was spotted on Camp Trail in May of 2019. He’s a member of the Xystodesmidae is a family of millipedes, which was named by O. F. Cook (no relation!) in 1895.

According to Wikipedia, this orange & black millipede has been “reported to secrete cyanide compounds as a defense” – so don’t touch it! If you have touched it, make sure to wash your hands since “the toxic compounds it secretes are poisonous and can cause extreme irritation if rubbed in the eyes.”

March in Cook Forest

Last year the Bureau of Forestry, with the CFC and interested landowners, treated a number of the streamside hemlocks to prevent infection by HWA (hemlock woolly adelgid).

This stretch of Tom’s Run is near Shelter #1, off Forest Road. The blow-down is from last year – there has been substantially less wind damage so far in 2019.